Fall 2022

Protecting our oceans, rivers and beaches


Ocean Blue Project is a nonprofit that helps rehabilitate our oceans and waterways through beach cleanups and service learning projects. Volunteer crews work together to create a cleaner, healthier ecosystem with fewer plastics and harmful pollutants.

My Role

Digital and Print Design

I design materials including logos, brochures and banners that support volunteer and fundraising initiatives while adhering to the organization's brand guide.


Wavemakers Fundraising Guide

In this guide to leading fundraising projects, I added sidebars, graphics and extra white space to help the text stand out.

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Create a CleanUp Logo

For a beach cleanup logo, I designed three gloved hands to communicate collaboration, strength in numbers, and success.

At the client's request, I also adapted the organization's main water drop logo to include the hands, though this was abandoned in favor of the circle logo. The final designs will be used as stamps on packaging other promotional materials.

Create a CleanUp Banner

A banner displayed at cleanups features a QR code with more information on organizing a cleanup.